Make It A Goal To Buy A Home In Your Twenties

Make It A Goal To Buy A Home In Your Twenties, by Carrie Benuska

The last few weeks, I have been discussing how to build wealth through your personal residence. My husband and I have spent our entire married life buying and selling homes. Our philosophy? We hold our homes lightly, know when it's time to look for a new project, and wisely choose our home improvement projects to maximize profit. The most important element of our success revolves around the fact that we started early. If I could give any advice to millenial readers, it would be to make it a goal  to buy a home in your twenties. The quicker you get started, the more time you have to accumulate gains in the Pasadena real estate market.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Opportunities

Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Opportunities, by Carrie Benuska

As Southern Californians, we have an assortment of convenient options when looking for a mountain vacation home. Lake Arrowhead is a short drive from Pasadena and features a great lake experience plus charming housing options. Just a bit beyond, others choose Big Bear. For the dedicated skier or fisherman and those willing to endure a longer drive, Mammoth Mountain is a great option. Even with all of these destinations, my choice would be to purchase a Lake Tahoe vacation home.

Build Wealth Through Your Personal Residence

Build Wealth Through Your Personal Residence, by Carrie Benuska

Last week, I began a discussion about whether a personal residence should be considered an asset or a liability. My experience is that investing wisely in Pasadena real estate and then making key improvements is an excellent way to build wealth. But, realize there are pitfalls and most don't take advantage of the opportunity.  Our homes are very personal to us, so it is easy to use them merely for our own comfort rather than as a mechanism for building wealth.

Is Your Personal Residence an Asset or a Liability?

Is Your Personal Residence an Asset or a Liability?, by Carrie Benuska

As residents of Southern California, we have to work hard and save diligently to own a home, but we also reap financial rewards from that investment that outpace most of the country. Once the purchase is made, most homeowners pay close attention to sites like to see how their asset is growing. Similar to the thrill of an increasing stock portfolio, watching your home value increase is exhilarating.

Coming Soon: South Arroyo Craftsman

Coming Soon: South Arroyo Craftsman, by Carrie Benuska

The South Arroyo neighborhood of Pasadena is highly sought after for its incredible architecture, convenient location, and gorgeous tree-lined streets. Running along both sides of the Southern section of the Arroyo Seco, the neighborhood represents some of the best real estate Pasadena has to offer.

In Search of Liberty in Pasadena CA

In Search of Liberty in Pasadena CA, by Carrie Benuska

As of last weekend, I officially turned the corner to a new phase of life and womanhood. My incredible youngest daughter took the short yet mighty walk across the stage to receive her college diploma. She has taken a very impressive job in Dallas which will allow her to be fully independent, so I'm officially done with raising kids. I know that a mother's work never really ends, but I also believe I need to get out of my kids' way and get on with my new life (whatever that means).

Garden Ideas in La Canada Flintridge

Garden Ideas in La Canada Flintridge, by Carrie Benuska

We had a lot of rain this winter in Greater Pasadena, which is unusual for our hot, semi-arid climate. Whether you enjoyed the wet winter or not, Spring is bringing blessings to our local gardens. After enduring several years of drought, area foliage and grass drank in the extra rain and are now displaying their gratitude. Lawns look great, plants are healthy, and there are blooms galore to enjoy.

The Benuska Report

The Benuska Report, by Carrie Benuska

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San Marino Real Estate Trades Are Down In 2017

San Marino Real Estate Trades Are Down In 2017, by Carrie Benuska

The past several years have catapulted San Marino real estate prices to heights unimagined, making it nearly unattainable for average buyers. The frenzy was initiated by a vast influx of foreign buyers, largely Chinese, intent on acquiring a San Marino home and quick. Between 2011 and 2015, it felt like any home put on the market would sell with multiple offers and over the asking price. Cash was king, and there was a lot of it flowing. That is, until we reached 2016.

A Fresh Approach To Greater Pasadena Real Estate Statistics

A Fresh Approach To Greater Pasadena Real Estate Statistics, by Carrie Benuska

Most people I meet have a natural interest in residential real estate and crave an understanding of current market conditions. Whether buyer, seller, or just a happy home owner, people love to talk about houses and learn how the market is doing. The rise in popularity of HGTV has only increased people's interest in the topic. The many shows that glamorize house flipping and home improvement have inspired normal folk to try their hand at real estate investment.